Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Explore Rock Lab February 13th

On Tuesday February 13th the 1st Graders came to my classroom to explore rocks. Eight parents helped me with 4 tables of experiments and rock displays. At the first table we learned how to start a rock collection, we learned about weathering, and rock tumblers. Each student got to fish a rock out of the tumbler to start their new collection. At the second table we learned that Igneous Rocks are formed deep inside the Earth under extreme heat. Chocolate bars gave the students a mouth watering taste of how elements combine to make these rocks. At the third table the students learned that heat and pressure make Metamorphic Rocks. They chose the ingredients to make their own Metamorphic Pancake! At the Fourth table they learned all about Sedimentary Rocks and even got to "Pan for Pyrite"! Each student left the lab with a bag of rocks and a load of enthusiasm. Explore Lab Rocks!


WELCOME TO TuttleTime! said...

Well, well...look what we got here. Another very cool blog! I LOVE this. How awesome. Now, I will know what's going on up there. This is GREAT. I love the little slide shows of Caleb, Petesy, and Baby Bannna. :) I am adding your blog to my site.

You're getting pretty techy in your "OLD" age! Ha! Love you, Angie

Rachel said...

Oh, very cool! Your site is lookin' good!

WELCOME TO TuttleTime! said...

Hi Mom,

If you would like some great pics of Caleb, look in my blog archives. Most of my posts are about him, so you will find a lot to choose from...especially the Nov Chicago trip. Also, I am posting on his bday party tonight. Check back soon. Love, Angie