Friday, March 30, 2018

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Operation Restored Warrior

What an amazing weekend we had in Colorado for the Operation Restored Warrior annual reunion.  

This is Mel and I with Paul Lavelle, founder of ORW

Mel and I met with Shannon.  Shannon was recently featured on CBN. He is a former navy seal who attended ORW and now facilitates. This is Mel and Shannon with Shannon’s service dog Pig Bear. 

Our dear friend Jim 
happened to be there during the filming.  
There were about 170 veterans and their wives represented at the reunion. Mike Lindell from ‘“My Pillow” is a former attendee and spoke last night. Mike Lindell also went through the ORW program and bears the ring. 

This is Mel with David Shannahan 

of the  Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center.

We met so many amazing veterans and new friends.

Billy Kay and Jim attended the reunion with us!!!

If you know of a veteran who needs healing and restoration please contact us or check this out.

Come and join us on Veteran's Day for "Walk it Out" .

What fun we had.  I can’t wait till next year.  :)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

More Than a Little Excited About this Solar Eclipse

August 21 is quickly approaching and I am more than a little excited about this fantastic event. Especially because we live smack in the path of totality! What a gift!!!

Our daughter Rachel called one day with a raging cold and explained that she needed money to pay for her tax-exempt status for the Northern Illinois Regional Science Fair that she is in charge of.  My mommy bear instincts kicked in and I realized I could help.

So I came out of summer retirement to organize a benefit science lab for the NIRS.  It was a great decision.  After all, It's been 99 years since a total solar eclipse came this way.  I don't have time to lose to wait for another one!

We had some fun with the green screen.  :)

We learned how to make cereal box projectors

 pinhole viewers, solar box viewers, colander viewers,

We learned about the history of solar eclipses. Albert Einstein - Caricature | Albert Einstein was a theoret… | Flickr
We learned when to expect the next one.
We learned what to expect during the contact points of the eclipse.   
We learned how to photograph the eclipse and also how to protect our eyes.   

Some attendees accidentally purchased some knock-off defective solar glasses as they discovered during the class.  I hope they can get the right ones before the eclipse.  

We learned about Solar Eclipse Apps.  This is my favorite.  
Hope you enjoy the solar eclipse Monday!!  Please send pictures to my Facebook page.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Benefit Eclipse Science Labs

My daughter Rachel has taken on the responsibility of heading up the Northern Illinois Regional Science Fair.  Its a daunting task and she needs money to set up their tax-exempt status and to get prizes for the hard working children.   

I thought maybe we could have a few benefit Eclipse Science Labs to raise funds for this super great program.

After all... my grandchildren are future scientists and need to have this science fair!!

If you would like your children to learn all about the eclipse, just donate any amount to this most important organization. 

Click Here to see the dates and times I am offering these classes.

The registration form is on the payment link.  
Please click on the registration link when you donate.  THANK YOU!!!