Thursday, March 8, 2007

Interesting Insects

K5 indulged their senses in Explore Lab today by investigating the nature of insects. They made anatomically correct insects with a head, thorax, and abdomen. We made sure that their six legs protruded out of the thorax and if the children chose to add wings they had to come from the thorax as well. They also observed many kinds of insects from collections that our 4th graders have made. Each child got to feed the frog or give Spike a cricket. Students also learned about all the different types of ways that insects eat. Finally, they made another insect out of pipe cleaners and learned how to camouflage their insect somewhere in the room. Students learned to go to the ant to be wise. They all agreed that working hard, being persistent, never giving up, and not being lazy are all character qualities of a wise person (and ant)! Go K5 :)


TuttleTime said...

Love the new site and colors...Cool! :)

Can't wait to see you guys.

Oma said...

Oma was here.

Anonymous said...

hi Beeze,
Congrats on the 130 lbs. I'm sure that in two weeks you will be in the blue dress! Erna

TuttleTime said...

Hi Mom,
Must have more posts...Can't wait to order all the Arbonne goodies next week. Oh, I never found that gift bag. :( NO problem though. I'll get some stuff. We have that lotion...The RE9 for men will remain unopened. I'll bring it up when I come up there. I think Mike wants to order the lotion only...not the whole set. Love you, Angie

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