Sunday, March 4, 2007

Teacher Almost Erupts Prior To Volcano Lab

On Thursday February 22nd we had an explosive Explore Lab with four of our K5 classes. The morning started out on the wrong foot for me but it made for a great illustration about what to do when a volcanic temper is about to erupt! Upon stumbling out of bed I broke my toe on my husband's suitcase and things just went progressively downhill from there... Slow drivers ahead of me, Nathan getting up late, can't find my keys, you know the story. Poor Nathan was afraid Mom was about to Erupt and spill "angry hot lava" all over him so he was being very quiet in the car which is not natural to him. I decided to pray and ask God for some help and He reminded me that I should start to remember all the things I can and should be thankful for. It didn't take long and the volcano had sunk back down to the magma chamber where it belongs!! If you would like to make your own volcano here is how to do it. Use clay (we got ours from AC Moore) to form a flat pancake. Mold the pancake around a small plastic cup. Put this on a firm Chinette paper plate. This will hold the weight pretty well. Now you're ready for the fun.
How to make your volcano erupt:
1. Put in one or two drops of red food coloring and about 1/3 cup of white vinegar in the cup.
2. Stand back and put one teaspoon of baking soda in the cup.
4. Have fun watching your volcano erupt.
(Small children can create an entire diorama complete with small and large volcanoes, dinosaurs, plastic trees, rocks, etc.)


Rachel said...

Really cool, Mom! Thanks for posting the details online. I think I'm going to try this with Peter. He loves making things "explode" (ha ha!)

WELCOME TO TuttleTime! said...

Hi Mom,

Glad to see I'm not the only one with mornings like this! I hope the volcano remains dorment for a while. :) See you very soon. Pls check out pics from Caleb bday party.

Going to bed...finally! Love, Angie

WELCOME TO TuttleTime! said...

If I had a teacher like you when I was in school, I probably would have enjoyed it much more than I did! :) Great job.

Love, Angie