Friday, May 30, 2008

Leaving my Grandbabies

The worst part of visiting Andy and Rachel is saying goodby to my sweet little grandbabies.

Every time I see them they are different little people. Different bodies, different personalities, different little quirks.

One thing I know for sure though... 50 year old women are not supposed to have children. Honestly, if I were to get pregnant at my age, well... Jumping off a cliff sounds kind of appealing!!!

At least at school I can turn them back to their moms and I know that they don't go home with me at the end of the day. My hat is off and I bend low in admiration to Rache, Angie, and all the young and not so young moms out there who dry the tears, wipe the bottoms, and settle the mind boggling, brain frying sibling disputes. I love my grandbabies but I love you moms who tend to them even more!!! Please keep it up. I could not step into your shoes ever, ever, ever again!!


Rachel said...

Oh goodness, you had ME teary-eyed there! Those are such sweet pictures, and what a nice thing to write!

Thanks so much, Mum, for giving me a much needed break for a week. I can't tell you how nice it was for you to come up and visit!

WELCOME TO TuttleTime! said...

Oh my goodness...what a sweet post! I just love the picture of Baby Bannna. That is like a professional shot the way it's off center. I love it.

Well, Mom, you may say all this now...but don't forget how you've absolutely been there done that, bought and worn the t-shirt!!! I feel absolutely lucky to have a 10yr old and newborn. I could not imagine having 5 kids or like Rach with two younglings AND a newborn. God truly blesses you Moms with a heaping helping of patience and energy.... I feel absolutely lucky, almost undeserving to have such a sweet, sweet baby girl and helpful, sweet, handsome son! God has been Tremendously good to me!!!!! I love being a mom...Thanks for such a wonderful post. Can't wait to see you...Love, Angie