Monday, June 23, 2008

The Travels of Honey Bunny

Picture driving for hundreds of miles and waiting for years to arrive at your dream destination and finding this!!! That’s exactly what happened when we arrived at Lake Superior yesterday. It has been a burning desire of mine to see Lake Superior. Oma and Opa took us there when I was a child and I have always wanted to return with my family. Years have come and gone and finally we drove over the crest of the hill and saw the lake. A beautiful rainbow was there to welcome us J

Honey Bunny hitched a ride with us. He (or she), I have to check and see… decided he wanted to visit Canada and live with me in South Carolina. He will be a new member of the Explore Lab when school starts.

Honey Bunny is potty trained. Thank you Rachel!

Even certain members of the tribe have taken to this rabbit.


Jannie Funster said...

Honey Bunny looks almost identical to the rabbit we had to find a good home for because he had taken to chasing and biting our 5-year-old. I creid so much when the new owner came to get him, I felt like I was abandoning a family member. Out new cat has been a raging success, tho so all was not lost.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mom,

What a cute bunny...looks like he or she is fitting right in with the "nomatic" family. :)

You should see us...Oma is sitting here reading the blog while I show her how to leave comments, BABY is sleeping in the baby cute!

It looks like you all are having such a wonderful time! So happy for you. Just be sure you rest and don't overdo it. :) Love you...Angie and Oma!

Rachel said...

Awwww, I really miss my Hunny Bunny! (We always spelled it "Hunny" from the Pooh movies . . .)

That first picture of the bunny sprawled out on the sofa reminded me so much of Josh sprawled on his bed, I had to look twice!

Miss you!