Wednesday, September 10, 2008

After School Classes


I am teaching an after school Science and Nature Lab which meets once a month for students in K4 to 3rd grade. Our first lab will be the end of this month and we have some really neat projects for the students! Here is what we will be doing in September:

  • Each student will get to choose a Petosky Stone to keep and begin the process of polishing it. Each month when they come to class students will be given a new grade of sandpaper to continue polishing their rock. By February when we study rocks their rock will be all polished and beautiful.
  • We will be going outside to collect worms to start the worm bin. Students can stop by the classroom and drop in food scraps throughout the month to help feed the worms. We will study them later and look at them and their eggs under a microscope.
  • A very generous parent donated raised beds near the butterfly garden and so we will be growing kale and fall crops to help feed the Bearded Dragon lizard and Sammy the guinea pig.
  • Sammy will be available to take home for a few days to any students in the after school lab program who are interested.
  • Students will make observations in the butterfly garden and collect seeds for later planting.
  • I ordered lab coats for my after school students! (I have ulterior motives of turning them into scientists).
  • We will be studying butterflies and viewing them under the microscope.
  • Current trends in education suggest that combining Science and Literature are good ways to engage young learners. We will end each class with literature that incorporates the subject at hand.
  • Classes are limited to 10 students.
If this is something of interest to you please click on the link on the right. Registration information and lab dates are all posted on my blog. Stephanie Hopkins is taking all enrollment forms. I will be posting pictures after each class. Currently I have no openings left on Monday, several on Wednesday and Thursday. I would prefer to have classes on these three days. I am willing to open up Tuesday and Friday as enrollment increases. Please forward this to any parent who you think may be interested in the after school lab.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

Ellen Kahue


Rachel said...

Just an idea, but maybe you should put a link with the word Petosky so people can check it out and see what those stones are? Just an idea!

WELCOME TO TuttleTime! said...

I hope the parents that you work with realize how truly blessed they are to have you as a K4 teacher!!!! I would have LOVED to have someone who cares so much about what they do to do this for the kids! I wish Caleb would have had an opportunity. He would have done so much better in Kindergarten had he had the hands-on instruction. He loves science. Who knows if Baby will love it as much. :)