Friday, November 28, 2008

Help Feed Lenny the Cat

This month we learned about Simple Machines. How could I make this subject interesting? Never fear. Naturally, I am always on the hunt for anything I can use in lab. How ironic that on a trip to the frigid north to see my grandbabies and oh, yes, my daughter and son-in-law who happen to live there too (hahaha), I happened upon a very unique machine at a glass shop in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. Lenny is the cat who lives in the shop and his owner rigged up this machine which is connected to the internet. Go ahead and feed Lenny for yourself. We did!


Anonymous said...

thank you for all the interesting topics on here! i enjy reading these and look forward to showing my boys as well.

Anonymous said...


This is Lenny, that is my website you are linking to. I ask very politely at the top of that website that nobody link to it. I am all for telling your friends about my feeder (I do like getting fed) but I would rather not have links to the feeder online for anyone to find. Please use e-mail or word of mouth instead of links on websites and blogs.

The reason is, the feeder uses the human's internet connection to play the video. If there are too many users, it causes problems when the humans use the internet.

Please remove your link. Thank you.