Friday, April 17, 2009

Wake Up it's Spring!

It's official. The tulips have declared it. Spring is finally here.
After months of sleeping under ground, the K4 tulips have popped up to dazzle us with their beauty. This year the tulips have lasted longer than I have ever seen them. I'm not sure if it is because of the variety I chose or if it is because we had such a long cool period these last few weeks.

The hostas are coming up.

The fennel is getting all fluffy and full. Aphids are loving it. Soon I hope to see some Eastern Black Swallowtail butterfly eggs on the tiny fennel leaves. This past October one of the caterpillars got loose and disappeared in Mrs. Breit's class. We looked in every crook and cranny and couldn't find it. Wednesday the children were wild with excitement when a beautiful black and blue female Eastern Black Swallowtail butterfly mysteriously appeared fluttering about in the classroom!

Common milkweed is sprouting up all over the place. I'm hoping to get the tropical variety to germinate but I haven't seen it yet.

Lantana is waking up from winter. I like the tall lantana for attracting butterflies. The shorter variety is too low to the ground and most butterflies would prefer to be up high and free from danger.

Passion vine is sprouting new growth. Mine stays green all year but gets kind of scrappy by February and March. This plant roots very well in a little water with a little bit of hormone powder. I use the tender new sprouts to root cuttings.

Monarda or beebalm

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Rachel said...

Those are some beautiful photos, and a really great post!