Friday, May 7, 2010

Meet Our New Friends

April was an exciting time for the Science Lab as some exciting new friends came to live with us. Meet Arthur the Veiled Chameleon. I will post some articles about them all but I wanted you to meet our beloved Arthur first.

Arthur is a male chameleon about 9 months old. He has telescopic eyes that go in two different directions.
Notice his mouth. It is turned down into a perpetual snarl. Chameleons are solitary creatures. They appear to be grouchy... They like to live alone. I understand this and give Arthur his space. We do not handle him but observe him from a distance.

Arthur is shedding his skin a lot because he is growing like crazy. He eats a lot of crickets.
Watch this movie to see how chameleons eat.
Click on both arrows to watch the video

Our next new addition to the gang are bullfrog tadpoles. I ordered 100 of them for our reptile/amphibian lab. They are huge! Some of them are growing legs. This is what one parent wrote to me regarding their child's new pet.

"Thank you for adding Splish-Splash to our lives. He is alive and kicking and quite a fun little guy to watch. He seems to like his new home and has "active" time every night around 9pm when he likes to flip-flop and splish-splash all around his pool. We are praying that he grows to be a full-grown-hair-on-his-chest man frog."

I was surprised to get this letter because she looked horrified when she picked up her son after lab and saw the slippery fellow in her son's hands... Just goes to show that I am not a mind reader :)

Next time I will write about Henrietta and Hilda, our other new additions to the lab.

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