Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mom, I Really Did Spot That Bird !!

I think I got a bit carried away for the bird lab. In fact, I know I did. I was having too much fun and couldn't stop...On top of making birdhouses and feeders we also studied nine common birds of South Carolina by using the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Guide.

I presented each student with a sticker book filled with information about each bird and corresponding labels to place on the page when they find the bird. I used the Avery round labels and just copied a picture of the bird onto the template.We went outside with binoculars and found several of them. The rest of the birds had to be found by the students at home. I gave the bird stickers to the mom's to dole out to their children when they truly found the bird.

I know better than to give a child nine stickers and not expect them to peel them off and put them into their book. All the while they will testify that they really REALLY DID spot that bird. Anyway... Moms are pretty good at monitoring those stickers. And dads too!

Students who find all nine birds get to make a trip to this...
The revered treasure chest!! So far, I have had about nine students who found all nine birds. Last year I only had two students who found all the birds. Never underestimate the power of the treasure chest :)

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Anonymous said...

Love this post!

Yes! The boys have "spotted" all but ONE! Brian swears that we might just see it at the beach!! However, we aren't planning to go to the beach anytime soon. ;-) So...Alexander suggested that perhaps Mrs. Kahue might plan a field trip for "her" students!! ;-) (Heaven help us.) ;-) Marg