Monday, April 23, 2012

Benefit Farm Lab

Our son Nathan

is going to Ethiopia

this summer.  He is going with a group of medical professionals
associated with Clemson Presbyterian Church.   This group has
gone for many years and the people line up to visit the temporary
triage that the students and doctors set up to help them.

Ethiopia is far far away and costs lots and lots of money
to get there.  Nathan doesn't worry about such things so  
dearest mom decided to help Nathan out by hosting two
days of benefit farms labs to help Nathan along. 

It turned out to be a blessing for Nathan, the students
who attended, the animals, and soon to be for the
Ethiopian people!

The alpacas enjoyed all the treats that they were given.

Students learned the proper way 
to meet an alpaca. 

 They found eggs in the hen house and learned about chickens.
One student is building an incubator
to hatch his eggs. 

 The goats were a big
hit.  This is Pink Daisy Jane.  She just had three kids.
Students entered a contest to pick the date and number of kids
she would have.  She
fooled us all and
nobody won!


Student's enjoyed milking
Maggie and playing with her
billy "Pieter". 

We were all thankful for the great time we had and
the opportunity to help Nathan go to Ethiopia. 

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Lisa said...

IT was such a great day!!! and a thrill to be able to help!

So happy we could be part of it all.

Thanks Nathan!! and good luck!

Lisa Advent