Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Brain Jello

Every year we try to do something fun for our Human Body Labs.  This year I made a jello brain and raffled it off.  Students had to identify some of the functions of the various parts of the brain. 
                                It looks and feels just like you would expect a brain to be. 
                                                                 Kind of creepy...

                                                                 This student loved it!

I ordered the mold from Amazon
It's really very simple to make. 
All you need is some kind of spray oil
carnation fat free milkblack food coloring
watermelon jello
hot water, ice water, and a little bit of time to let it set. 

                                                   This is my grandson
                                He gets a "brain cake" every year on his birthday. 
                            Some traditions should die but they're just too fun to quit!

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