Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mr. Bob and the Estuarium

A few weeks ago we went to the Lowcountry Estuarium in Port Royal Sound, South Carolina.
The mission of the Lowcountry Estuarium is to instill a public sense of stewardship for the marshes, creeks, rivers and sounds that make up our unique Port Royal Sound estuarine system by fostering conservation through education, enhancing the area’s economy by attracting visitors to our facility, and by partnering withother venues and attractions in promoting the region as a destination.

We met Mr. Bob who is the curator and what a treasure he is.  What fun we had exploring all the creatures.  Mr. Bob offered to help me set up two aquariums in the spring and fill them with crabs and goodies from the estuary.  I can't wait!  If you're ever in Port Royal give him a call and he will be sure to give you an amazing tour of the estuarium.  

After our visit to the estuarium we headed to Hunting Island State Park.  
We saw some odd looking wormlike creatures at the shoreline.
Lots of sanddollars.

Some hermit crabs.
And the highlight of our trip was this...

It was a long drive for one day.  It took us eight hours to go there and come home.

It was well worth the effort!

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