Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Two Important Questions

Hi Everybody!

My friends and family all laugh at this because when I drive up to the house I call out to all the dogs and goats, "Hi everybody! Howz everybody doing?" Then I hear a variety of sounds like baaaa baaaa baaaa, and woof woof woof. So, Hi Everybody! I want to tell you about a really fun opportunity for you to bring your own flock over here to our farm for a really, really fun farm science lab. The dates are Friday October 23, Sunday October 25th, and Monday October 26th.

All the proceeds of this lab will go to the Danner family to help them get on their way as missionaries to Taiwan. Clay Danner 唐弘恩 met my husband Mel at Starbucks and asked him two important questions. Come to the Lab to find out what these questions were!  Clay and Rhonda are dear to our hearts. Clay speaks fluent Mandarin and if you could just get that picture out of your head of a tall white guy with strawberry blonde hair you would think he was Chinese for sure! Here is some information about Clay and his wife, Rhonda:

    • In 1999 Clay took his first trip to Taiwan. The Lord revealed to Clay his future in Taiwan as a missionary.
    • In 2000 & 2001 Clay led three missionary teams from his university to Taiwan.
    • Clay lived in Taiwan from 2001-2004 as a missionary.
    • In 2000 Rhonda spent a summer in doing mission work in Thailand.
    • In 2001 Clay & Rhonda met.
    • In 2001-2002 - Rhonda spent 1 year in Poland on a mission team.
    • 2002-2004 - Rhonda spent 1-1/2 years in Taiwan as a missionary.
    • Their focus was on making disciples by inviting people into their lives, teaching them how to hear from the Father through reading the Bible and prayer, challenging them in what they believe, and empowering and equipping them to do the same thing with others.
    • Many were led to faith in Jesus and one of their greatest joys over the years has been to hear of and meet spiritual grandkids and great-grandkids who have been led to faith in Jesus through those they poured into.

If you would like to help Clay, Rhonda, Charis, Meili, & Liliana, and also treat your children to the funnest science lab ever, click here to register. We plan to have pony rides, teach about rabbits, chickens, Great Pyrenees Dogs, and goats. We will have a goat milking demonstration with goat milk ice-cream and goat milk available to sample. Each family will go home with a bar of goat milk soap made right here on the farm. There will be plenty of opportunities for your children to be photographed with the bunnies, chickens, goats, dogs, and the pony.

Parents this is a great opportunity for you to expose your children to a farm experience as well as learn some geography and help the Danners. Grandparents bring your grandchildren! Students will have an opportunity to study my power point presentation on rabbits, goats, ponies, Great Pyrenees Dogs, and take the quiz before the lab. The treasure box will be on site for those who complete the lesson.

See you soon!!

Suggested Donation not Mandatory

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Kerry Schultz said...

A good step by you guys and I hope this turns out to be just like you expect it to be. Looking forward to see the updates.