Friday, April 1, 2016

Are You Smarter Than My 4th Grade Granddaughter?

Our Granddaughter Breanna came to visit us for ten days of Grammy Heaven on Earth.  My daughter sent her to me as a birthday gift.  What fun we had.  

Until she presented me with the dreaded Science Project Quiz.    

Oh the horrors of it.  I now know how much I don't know.  Are you brave enough to take it?  Try it!  Click here if you dare.   Oh, by the way, its anonymous so no one will ever know.  

This rooster is called "The Brain".  Breanna named him that for obvious reasons...  The Brain attacked her two times so we decided to take him to the animal auction.  Breanna was so ready to ditch that bird!!  

She also helped me bottle feed our new herd sire named Carson.

She helped care for Freddy and Whilhelmina, our bunnies.  

Breanna got to tend to the 10 baby chicks that came out of the incubator.  She named them all, of course.  

Breanna made everyone here "hop to it".  I believe someday she will rule the world or at least a Fortune 500 company, or a large family.  But for now, she is my "right hand girl".

Are you brave enough to take her Science Fair Quiz?  I dare you!!

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