Friday, December 16, 2016

Fearless Women Conquer Goats

Thursday December 15 I attempted my first workshop for adults making goat lotion.  It was crazy fun!  

I had to do a lot of prep-work for this class in ordering the materials and sterilizing all the utensils.  
(If you know me and have seen my kitchen floor you will know that sterilization is not one of my finer qualities...)

 Here is the recipe we used.  

The Vitamix really came in handy.  
The only disaster was when I got sidetracked and the blender overflowed all over my desk, my shoes, the floor, the inside of the Vitamix... Having a bunch of capable women over for this first workshop was awesome.  We had it all cleaned up quickly and kept on going. 

Everyone made their own unique blend of lotions based on the oils they brought or from my private stash.  They came up with the most amazing combinations of scents that they got to combine all by themselves. 

This workshop was a winner and I will definitely be scheduling more in the future.


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Ellen, you seem to be very creative and I am so glad to see you transfer using the same attributes in the classroom. It is so important to teach our generation to be fearless, creative and courageous. Wonderful.

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