Thursday, August 10, 2017

Benefit Eclipse Science Labs

My daughter Rachel has taken on the responsibility of heading up the Northern Illinois Regional Science Fair.  Its a daunting task and she needs money to set up their tax-exempt status and to get prizes for the hard working children.   

I thought maybe we could have a few benefit Eclipse Science Labs to raise funds for this super great program.

After all... my grandchildren are future scientists and need to have this science fair!!

If you would like your children to learn all about the eclipse, just donate any amount to this most important organization. 

Click Here to see the dates and times I am offering these classes.

The registration form is on the payment link.  
Please click on the registration link when you donate.  THANK YOU!!!


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This is such a great initiative, young minds can definitely benefit so much with exposure to science. Hope you’re able to collect the required amount soon. Good luck!

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