Sunday, October 22, 2017

Operation Restored Warrior

What an amazing weekend we had in Colorado for the Operation Restored Warrior annual reunion.  

This is Mel and I with Paul Lavelle, founder of ORW

Mel and I met with Shannon.  Shannon was recently featured on CBN. He is a former navy seal who attended ORW and now facilitates. This is Mel and Shannon with Shannon’s service dog Pig Bear. 

Our dear friend Jim 
happened to be there during the filming.  
There were about 170 veterans and their wives represented at the reunion. Mike Lindell from ‘“My Pillow” is a former attendee and spoke last night. Mike Lindell also went through the ORW program and bears the ring. 

This is Mel with David Shannahan 

of the  Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center.

We met so many amazing veterans and new friends.

Billy Kay and Jim attended the reunion with us!!!

If you know of a veteran who needs healing and restoration please contact us or check this out.

Come and join us on Veteran's Day for "Walk it Out" .

What fun we had.  I can’t wait till next year.  :)


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Thank you for posting this! We had an amazing encounter after the reunion at one of the National Parks in Utah, when another tourist asked about the ORW hat and jacket my hubby was wearing. Please pray that a Vietnam veteran in CT will connect with ORW. He is in great need of help! Linda A.