Monday, June 7, 2021

Two Things I Forgot to Mention!

I just thought of two things I forgot to mention in my earlier post about the Monarch course.

There is a free Teachable app I didn't even know about.   With this free app on your phone your child can be learning about science and nature even when you are not at home.

For those who enroll in the course you will also be entitled to a free Monarch egg or caterpillar and the milkweed they need to feed on when these amazing little insects 

fly back through here on their way to Mexico. I usually get the most eggs and caterpillars in the early fall. Caterpillars will be available for your child on a first-come first-serve basis. This is an amazing value. most websites sell monarch caterpillars for around $30. My course includes a trip to the farm for your child to come and pick up their monarch caterpillar or egg. Enroll now to get this free gift and to visit me at the farm. 

Students who enroll in this course will also get to join me and a Master Gardener at Roper Mountain Science Center to view the butterfly garden.  We will teach you what plants to grow in your yard that will attract the most butterflies.

There are plenty  of assessment tools and activities for children in P

rimary, Elementary, and Middle School for those who want to use this course as a science curriculum.

On top of all of this, students enrolled in the course will get to join me on a monthly live Zoom call from May until September. On our next call I'm going to highlight a friend of mine who had a certified Monarch habitat in her yard in California.  She taught a biblical course using monarchs to illustrate her lessons.  You will really enjoy this conversation!

Want to join me?


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