Friday, April 8, 2022

This Week on the Farm: Life Finds a Way

One of the resounding quotes that came up time after time at a meeting I was in the other night was, "Life Finds a Way".  And its true!  At least I see it happening here on the farm a lot this time of year.  

This past week we experienced lots of new life.  🙋🐓🐇🌿🌱



Twix had 10 kits born March 25th. 


Ashley Moore and her husband generously donated hundreds of tadpoles for the Amphibian Labs starting on April 18th.  

Seeds sprouting!!  

I learned a new way to sprout seeds using coffee filters, plastic bags, and a heat pad.  

Stinging Nettle

coming up all over the place.  

I taught several classes on this amazing plant last month. It has trichomes that release formic acid into your skin resulting in added serotonin in your body! So go ahead and rub some of that on your skin if you feel grouchy!  JK JK 

Did you know that ants release formic acid from their stingers as well?  

It's popping up all over my yard and I can't wait to see the Monarch Butterflies lay their eggs on it.  

They are arriving as we speak so get your feeders out and help them regain their strength from the long flight they've been on.  

New Grandson!  Welcome Baby Darrow!!

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