Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day of Wildness June 27th

Today was an exceptional day for viewing wildlife.

We pulled into Sleeping Giant Provincial Park near Thunder Bay Ontario. The picture above shows the Giant resting with his big head to the right and an adam’s apple, chest and legs. We were not prepared to see so much wildlife (no I am not speaking about the two teen Neanderthals who are accompanying us). In one day we saw numbers of deer, a fox, porcupine, beaver, chipmunks, hawks, and a big furry bear.

And no, I am not speaking about our precious Hunny Bunny, although we did see a skunk several times that kind of resembled the rabbit! The same colors just diffent places!

We accidently left out the rabbit food and this cute little chipmunk was stuffing his cheeks with the delicacy! Nathan and Kyle were able to hold him in their hands. Deer visited our campsite all night long.

We hiked to a spot called Lions Beach. This outcropping is supposed to look like a lion’s head. The trees are caked in moss and fungi. The smell is delicious. I wish I could live here forever.

Erna found me a beautiful hollowed out birch bark . I plan to use it for a bulletin board display at school for the Bird Lab.

The “Boyz in de Hood” babysat Hunny Bunny when we went on our walk.

On our way outside of the park we spotted a porcupine. It was a scrappy looking fellow with a weird clubbed tail.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we stumbled along this adorable black bear. His coat was perfect and he looked very well fed although we didn’t get much closer to find out…

Nathan, Kyle, and Mel braved the Quimet suspension bridge which spans over the Quimet Canyon.

We spotted a Luna Moth. It was the perfect ending to a perfect dayJ


Rachel said...

Wow, what great pictures, and it looks like you had a GREAT time!

Hunny Bunny looks like such a diva with all that attention she's getting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone!
Wow I am so jealous! You are truly in Gods country. Your pics are so beautiful I can't get enough of them. I asked Randy if he has looked yet, but he's been busy. Hunny Bunny is so adorable. Ellen when you get back I would love to come and see her. (That's if your sister is going to give her up)
Keep sending pics thier beautiful.

Anonymous said...

HI Grammy, I want a bear, too! Is that a butterfly? Are the bear and the butterfly friends?

Grammy, I went to Carter's birthday party. Carter opened his presents. I gave him a sprinkler. I played with Hunter. We played guns (please interject waving of arms and pointing with the word, "Guns").

Cover your nose if any skunks come by, 'cause they're stinky.

WELCOME TO TuttleTime! said...

Wow, the luna moth is gorgeous. How did you finally figure out how to take it so close? I need a class on how to take pics with my camera! Great pics. The teen guys look great, too! :) Love, Angie