Monday, June 30, 2008

Going Bananas in Canada

We started the day off with a short hike to Rainbow Falls. It is a series of about 5 falls and most times there is a rainbow overhead. On this day we saw a swarm of mosquitoes up above! Mel is drinking the cream soda he got from Rachel for Father's Day.

After Rainbow Falls we drove to Obatanga Provincial Park to have a look and then drive on to Wawa to meet Paul and Sue. When we got there I noticed that the park was loaded with these beautiful pink lady slipper orchids (along with swarms of mosquitoes) .

Mel stopped at the dumping station on our way out to drop off the "you know what".
only to discover that...

The keys would not turn in the ignition switch!! Meanwhile we were watching the mosquitoes dive at the windows trying to get inside the RV. Paul and Sue were waiting to meet us in Wawa. What to do... We called the place where we were to meet and someone found them. Paul and Sue drove out to Obetanga then we all stayed at the dumping station in the stranded RV overnight.

We did go on a very nice hike through the forest before we hunkered down next to the dumping station for bed :) We found these unusual green orchids.

Here is how we had to prepare ourselves before venturing out.

We saw some very unusual mosses and fungi along the trail and spaghnum moss grows everywhere.

These are moose droppings. They look like large deer or rabbit droppings as you can see by comparing the size of Mel's hands to them.

The next morning we called a repair man to fix the ignition switch. He quirted some oil in the key hole and the key turned. We were VERY happy that we did not have to have the vehicle towed away. We were especially happy that we did not have to spend another minute next to the mosquito infested dumping station.

On our way out of the park we spotted a beautiful black bear. We also saw a huge moose but could not stop in time to photograph him. Canada is simply amazing.

On another note... We discovered that Hunny Bunny is nuts about bananas. She must be a Hawaiian bunny. We have to hang the bananas from a hook in the RV or else she will climb up on the counters to get at them.


Anonymous said...

I like bananas, too, Grammy! I eat more bananas than Hunny Bunny, but not more than Banna.

Did you pick up the Moose poopies?

~ Peter

Hi Grammy!I'm eating toast, so I can't talk.

~ Banna Boo

WELCOME TO TuttleTime! said...

Hi Mom...I keep calling your and Dad's cell, but it goes directly to v-mail. I asked myself where in the WORLD are you guys..then, I read this blog and found out. Ha!

I absolutely cracked UP as I read about the dumping station. Talk about Murphy's law! Our family seems to have stuff like that happen to us ALL the time. Thankfully, it all turns out to be a great funny story in the long run. :)

Sounds like you are in heaven and among your elements of plants and animals. Hope Dad and boys are having as much of a blast as you! :) Didn't see a picture of Nathan and Kyle...did you all drop them off somewhere?! Ha!!

Well, CALL ME some time...hope you have a fun, safe rest of your journey. Oh, check out my blog when you can! Baby is getting so big and cuter...she weighs 10lbs 11.5oz!!!! Had her weighed last Friday. Love, Angie