Friday, August 1, 2008

Firefly Light Show

Ok who is this beautiful child with these gorgeously dirty black hands??? Its my grandson Peter. He is four years old and loves the dirt. That makes me very happy:) (I am not the typical grandma). Anyway, last summer I took Peter (I call him Petsey) in the back yard and we caught fireflies. We put them in a jar and then he kept it under his bed like a night light. My daughter Rachel, Peter's mother, confessed a horrible thing over the phone to me today. She told me when she was a child she would smash the little creatures in her hand to make her hands glow. I was appalled that an offspring of mine would stoop so low. But, after taking a few deep breaths I forgave her and decided to "let it go" since she has redeemed herself in many other ways!
Most kids like to go out and catch fireflies. Here are some simple directions on how to do it.

If you would like to learn more about fireflies check out this website:

Here is what you need to catch and keep a few fireflies:
Glass jar with a metal lid
nail and hammer

What you do:

Adult only: Hammer several nail holes into a jar lid. One night, gently catch a few fireflies and seal the jar.

For each firefly, count the number of flashes in its signal. Note whether each flash is long or short and whether the time between flashes is fast or slow. Record your findings on paper. Did all of the fireflies flash the same? If so, you probably caught the same kind of fireflies.

Return to your capture site and release yourFireflies. This step is very important. Don't forget this!


WELCOME TO TuttleTime! said...

Rach was always kind of a obstinant child...Ha! I remember her running around like a nut at dusk and smacking those little fireflies with her hands! where were you? Ha! Anyway, I love how you posted the steps..very cool. It is good for kids to get into nature and get their hands dirty...even if they are running around smashing things with those hands. At least they're outside! :)

WELCOME TO TuttleTime! said...

I think I meant dawn...not dusk. :) After a long day of cleaning out the garage, we'd sit outside and look at the fireflies. There would be Rach running around smacking them! Ha!