Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh Where Oh Where Have the Caterpillars Gone...

I'm trying not to get stressed. It's August and there are no caterpillars in my Butterfly Garden.

You would think they would read the sign "Butterfly Garden". How could they miss it? Tasty delights inside, planted just for them!

All Kinds of Milkweed...

I dug up this one from a country road in Hartwell Georgia. My mom got poison ivy all over her arms when she helped me dig it. You would think the caterpillars would be more grateful.

Last year they loved it. I hardly had enough milkweed to feed them all.

Perhaps I just need to wait a little longer. I heard from my brother Paul and my daughter Rachel (the firefly killer) that the Monarchs are all over the place up north right now. Maybe they'll find my milkweed on their way back down south.

Photo courtesy of Karissa Leverton (she lives up North where all the Monarchs are).

No Gulf Fritillaries on the Passion Vine...

No Eastern Black Swallowtails on the Fennel. Ok, I will try to be patient. Butterflies lay more eggs in the late summer. Meanwhile, I will try not to get anxious!


Rachel said...

Oh Mom, you're too funny! That picture of the worried face is really creepy!

Hope the caterpillars find you soon!

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering the same thing! I don't have any caterpillars either! I've been checking all my parsley and milkweed daily, and nothing. I'll be sure to keep you posted if I find some!

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