Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nature Pics for Kids

Here are some awesome pictures of insects and nature for kids. Click here. My sister, Erna sent me this. She teaches 3rd grade and is a great source of inspiration (and sometimes perspiration)! I would be lost without her.

Today I went to my friend Tammy's house to help her bathe and clip the toenails of her two new guinea pigs.
This is Sammy my guinea pig after his bath. He is the world's best pig for the classroom. He never bites and he really thinks he is a person, I'm sure of it. During center time he absolutely goes crazy to be let out. The girls in my class used to take him out, swaddle him in a towel and take him to the doll house/kitchen play area. He loved all the fussing. Last year he went home with various students from K5 and 1st Grades for the weekends. He has been ALL over town and even went to Atlanta for a birthday party. Sammy is definately a celebrity at my school.

This is Matthew, a former student of mine, and Tammy's son. He got bit by the guinea pig he just got from a neighbor. Not all guinea pigs are good with kids. Hopefully with some yummy treats and patience Matthew can tame this little brute! See Matthew's "war wound"? He went to the ER today for that one... I bet he can't wait to go to school and show that off to all the girls!

Here I am washing the little guinea-bullie.
It was all we could do to wrestle the little beast into his bath and hold on for dear life. Somehow we managed to bathe and clip the toenails of three pigs today without getting bit or severely bleeding them to death...

Mission accomplished.

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