Friday, August 29, 2008

I Hate Watering

I haven't picked up a hose since June 4th!

I'll admit it. I hate standing there holding a garden hose. Maybe its because I spent a good bit of my childhood holding a hose in my parent's greenhouse. Occasionally the hose would wander away from where it was supposed to be and "accidentally" soak unsuspecting family members. I hate doing anything for longer than 5 minutes and watering is simply impossible for my ADHD personality... Fortunately for me I discovered an amazing watering system that takes care of it for me. Before leaving for Canada I rigged up this simple little watering system at home that took care of it all. The school habitats have had the system for several years now and it has saved me "loads" of time. It has also kept everything alive during this summer drought.

I put a drip line in my herb planter.

I put a drip line in my birdbath.

I put my houseplants outside and rigged up a mister for them.

The hanging baskets have drip lines in them too.

Even Ellei Mae's water pail gets watered (I am so lazy)...

The hermit crabs got misted.

I came back from Canada and all was well and alive.
Here is what it looks like today (August 29th).
I LOVE this gadget!!

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Rachel said...

Wow, those plants look AMAZING! I've got to get you to show me how to do that next spring, because I think my plants would be a lot happier if they had a more consistent watering cycle (rather than, "Water, let them dry out for two weeks, and then drown them because I feel bad for making them dry out, and repeat".