Friday, August 29, 2008

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In case you haven't noticed, mosquitoe time is here. Those wonderful little creatures that love to suck our blood are here. I recently came across a product that is actually good for you and gets rid of the pesky creatures as well. Its called "Don't Bite Me". I usually don't have too much trouble with mosquitoes but there is a dark wet area near the habitat where they lurk and get me every time. Unfortunately it is near the sprinkler timer. I have avoided it due to the fact that I get bit every time. Can't wait to try this and see what happens.

Does Rinsing Apples Remove Pesticides?

I have always heard that apples carry a lot of insectiside residue and have wondered if washing or if peeling was best to get it off. Well, the facts are in. Rinsing apples only loweres the pesticide concentrations 13.5 to 28.7 percent. Rinsing and peeling the apples lowered the levels a lot more, 74.5 to 97.9 percent. I always thought that eating the peel was good roughage for the colon but I think I'll rinse and peel from now on.

Container Gardening

We will be container gardening this fall in the back area near the butterfly garden. A very gracious parent built some square containers for us to use for the children. We plan to grow fall crops to keep the guinea pig and the bearded dragon well fed and happy.

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Rachel said...

Hmmm, no food for Uno, Dos, or Mother Thresa? Hee hee, I'll quit bugging you about it . ..