Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ladies Wildlife Retreat

Ladies, it's finally here, the retreat you've been waiting for. I went last year and plan to go every year until I drop dead! Honestly, it's that fun! Here are the classes that are offered this year.

ARCHERY –One of the oldest methods of hunting involves the skilled use of a bow and arrows. You will learn some of these skills as you test the
various types of bows currently used by hunters and competitive archers.
BACKPACKING—From the selection of the proper equipment and supplies to the best places to go, this introduction to backpacking will enable you
to feel confident as you hit the trail on your own backpacking trip. Hear about some of the adventures that your instructor has experienced.
BACKYARD WILDLIFE HABITAT—Learn how to provide food, water, cover, and places to raise young for wildlife to supply a natural habitat for a
variety of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.
BANK / DOCK FISHING—You can land a “mess” of fish without an expensive boat and a lot of fancy equipment. See how your fishing outings can
be quite rewarding without a major investment.
BIRDING—Our naturalist will help you improve your identification skills, using sight and sound, as you seek out the birds indigenous to the area.
CANOEING—One of the most relaxing ways to enjoy the outdoors is in a canoe. Learn basic strokes and how to have a safe outing whether on a
river or a lake.
CAROLINA BAYS—Carolina bays are isolated wetlands in natural shallow depressions which are believed to be 30,000 to 100,000 years old or
older. Scientists are not certain of their origins. Take a field trip to a Carolina Bay and discover the abundant wildlife that make their home in these
wetlands as the guide shares some of the mysteries of this phenomenon. *This is a double class.
EDIBLE AND MEDICINAL PLANT WALK—This exploration will enable you to identify, study, and sample various wild plants that are tasty and
nutritious, or those that have medicinal properties which have been used for centuries for healing. You will also learn to identify (and avoid) other
native plants whose potent properties are not so beneficial.
FLY-FISHING—Learn to match wits with trout and other fish by selecting (or tying) the best lures and learning effective casting methods. Fly-fishing
provides another good reason to explore rivers, streams, and lakes throughout the country.
GEOCACHEING -This is an exciting adventure game using Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Participating in a cache hunt is a good way to take
advantage of the wonderful features and capability of a GPS unit. You will use a GPS to find caches that have been hidden throughout the park.
Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. *This is a double class.
KAYAKING—Recreational kayaking allows you to float on a peaceful river or paddle around a pond or lake as you enjoy nature’s beauty. You will
learn basic paddling strokes, safety techniques, self-rescue and more in this introductory class.
KNOT TYING –Learn and practice many universally useful knots. Tie down your boat or make a tight clothes line with the trucker's hitch. Keep the
rain-holding sags out of your tarp canopy with the taut-line hitch. Save a life with the bowline!
KUDZU BASKETRY—Under the guidance of a Native American woman, you will learn to utilize one of nature’s most abundant resources and take
home a basket made from this vine that was originally used as an ornamental plant in landscaping. See how beauty can be found in the most
unusual things.
LAKE MARION FISHEAGLE BOAT TOUR—Explore a portion of the famous Santee Cooper Country, observing wildlife that inhabits the rare and
pristine “sunken forest.” Hear of Indian customs, old moonshine stills, and past inhabitants of Lake Marion as you journey along this watery trail.
*This is a double class.
NATIVE AMERICAN HEALING—The belief that everyone and everything on earth is interconnected, and that every person, animal, and plant has a
spirit or essence is the basis for the healing techniques used by Native Americans throughout the centuries. They include creating Sacred Space,
calling in the guardians of the Sacred Wheel, and the Four Directions. We will also undertake a shamanic totem animal journey.
NATIVE AMERICAN-STYLE FLUTE MAKING—Each participant will create an authentic, Native American-style, river cane flute. This Southeasternstyle
of pentatonic (5-hole) flute is end-blown, easy to play, and very satisfying to make. The sound that resonates from these traditional, handcrafted
instruments is hauntingly beautiful. *This is a double class.
NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY—Use your own camera to take beautiful landscape shots and learn how to take better digital pictures. Gain knowledge
about different cameras, lenses, films, filters, and accessories needed to get the perfect shot. Bring your camera and owner’s manual with you.
OUTDOOR COOKING —See how cooking with cast iron and camp ovens is made easy through proven techniques and the sharing of recipes.
Learn cooking shortcuts, fire building, and equipment care while tasting the fixin’s.
OUTDOOR DAY TRIPS IN SC--Our state is abundant in opportunities for boating, kayaking, fishing, hiking, sailing, backpacking and numerous other
outdoor adventures. Learn more about many of the most popular places as well as some that are not so well known.
ROCK CLIMBING –You will have an opportunity to scale a wall designed to simulate a cliff. Your climbing will take place under the safest of
circumstances, and you will have the option of rappelling back to the ground. Don’t miss this exciting activity.
SAILING—Nothing can match the experience of enjoying some of South Carolina’s lakes from the deck of a sailboat. You will learn the mechanics
of piloting your own boat and then test your skills on Lake Marion.
SANTEE NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE TOUR—The refuge features one of the state’s best birding sites as well as an abundance of mammals,
reptiles, and fish species. In addition, it is the site of Fort Watson and the Santee Indian Mound. *This is a double class.
SELF RELIANCE AND SURVIVAL SKILLS—Emergencies occur when you least expect them. Learn techniques that will help you survive
emergency situations in the wilderness with extremely limited resources. *This is a double class.
SKEET SHOOTING & FIREARMS SAFETY- Learn how to safely handle a firearm and polish your hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes when
you take aim at clay “pigeons.”
SPARKLEBERRY SWAMP PADDLING TOUR—You will learn first-hand why conservationists are working so diligently to preserve one of the
state’s most beautiful and pristine areas. You will paddle into a cypress and tupelo swamp that provides habitat to hundreds of species of animals.
*This is a double class.
SWIMMING – Never learned to swim? Or, just want to schedule some time to take a dip? Spend time with our expert and see just how easy it is to
make the rivers and lakes more fun and much safer.
WALK ON THE WILD SIDE—Noted naturalist Rudy Mancke, will lead you on an exploration of the park and the Lake Marion shoreline as he
interprets the great diversity of wildlife and other natural features.
WILDERNESS FIRST AID –You can ensure that your outdoor adventures are safe and that you are prepared to handle emergencies.

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