Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lab Assistant Falls in Love

Nathan, my assistant in science lab and youngest son wanted to visit the College of Charleston. He is thinking of pursuing a medical profession of some sort. So, Monday, March 23rd we drove to Charleston to visit the College of Charleston.
We parked the RV and rode bikes all through the campus. What a place.

Spanish moss dripping from the trees, brick roads and sidewalks, old buildings everywhere...Nathan is in love. He is in "hot pursuit" of this school!

The question remains, will the food

and other distractions like the beach and the the oversize percentage of females at the campus lure him away from his passion? Only time will tell! Speaking of distractions. Look what I found!
Black Market Minerals in Charleston has the most amazing collection of rocks I have seen in a long time.
I bought two bags of various rocks for next year's rock lab. I can't wait to show the students...

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