Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alpaca Obsession

Those who know me are aware of my newest fascination/obsession... Among all the other interests like bugs, plants, and promethean boards, I have now taken a fancy to...
My husband and I are currently in Illinois visiting our daughter. She is a fantastic music teacher and (more importantly) the mother of three of our five perfect little grandchildren.
This is my husband with Gabriel, the newest member in our family "herd".
Rachel set up a visit for us at the local Alpaca farm, called Cedar Hill Creek Farm.

I will never be the same again.

How could anyone resist a face like this?
Or this?
Now this one below is not an alpaca, thank goodness.
This is the resident lama who lives on the farm to protect the alpacas. He stands head and shoulders above the alpacas and is like a guard dog to them.
I wouldn't mess with him if I were a fox, coyote, or other pesky predator. His looks, probable bad breath, and body language would repel anything, I am sure.

These are our grandchildren, Peter and Breanna, feeding the alpacas.
Some day this will be what my farm looks like! I can't wait.