Friday, January 22, 2010

A Dog to Love

Please look at the pictures of these beautiful dogs and email me if this is something you may be interested in.
The is Jessica Few and we have agreed to foster 2 rescue doggies for the Animal Care Center in Greenville. We need to find homes for them ASAP. They are awesome sweet dogs. One is a black lab-
he is 10 months old and a big boy. He is active, but gentle and very sweet and good with kids and other dogs. The other is a 4 year old boxer/hound mix. She is the calmest, sweetest, quietest dog I've ever met. She is absolutely a doll. They both have slept in their crates at night and do fine with that, no barking. They are both wonderful with the girls and other dogs. If you can help us find homes for them by just getting the word out to anyone who may be interested I would soooo appreciate it. Charlie, the lab, would be a wonderful outside doggie who could also come in at times if desired, but would be great just to be outside, also. Molly, the boxer mix, really wants to be inside and obviously was an inside dog with her previous owner, an elderly man who passed away. (They are free to a good home...) Thanks!!! ~ Jessica

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