Friday, February 5, 2010

Kites and Clouds

Click on the Video AboveJanuary blew in with much gusto and force as our Science Lab students created their own kites and learned what types of weather to fly them in. Students learned about the types of clouds that contain electricity in order to know when NOT to fly their treasured creations.Nathan worked harder than ever before helping the children tie the bridle on their kites as well as helping to install the spar and the spine to each kite.Students were waiting and calling for him to help them. While ingesting Advil he told me never to do a kite lab again. Strange, I feel no pity for Nathan since mothers and teachers are subjected to this type of torture on a daily basis... Actually, it made me feel kind of good to watch him suffer!It's hard to get your work done with all that free advice and assistance from Buddy Bird.Sammy was a big help too.
As well as Hedgie.Students are encouraged to make their own kites at home. Here are the directions.

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