Friday, February 26, 2010

Focus on the Eye

What does this picture have to do with our human body lab? Absolutely NOTHING but this is what we do before lab begins. We get the critters (guinea pig, hedgehog, chinchillas, bearded dragon, Buddy Bird) out and we play.This is a strange behavior that the hedgehog does. After having contact with a human or other animal he foams at the mouth and spreads the foam over his body. This behavior is called "self anointing" and scientists aren't quite sure exactly why they do it. Hedgehogs are very weird animals.
I didn't take a lot of pictures during the lab because I was working so hard that there was vary little time to get in a few shots. Somehow I found the time to take a picture of my grandson Peter as we performed the lung capacity test.We took hair samples for the fingerprint/DNA chart. This is Nathan's hair. He has a patch of gray and wanted to see what it looked like under magnification. Peter enjoyed taking this body apart and putting it back together.

We built cameras to illustrate what happens when an image comes into the eye.
Images come into the eye and are flipped upside down and reversed, just like a camera. The occipital lobe in the back of our brains take the image and correct it. The tissue box camera's we made illustrated this fact.


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