Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goodbye Sweet Sammy

We named him after the book "Sammy the Classroom Guinea Pig" by Alix Berenzy

Sammy has gone on. He lived in our Science Lab for six years. He went home with students for the weekend and loved it. Once, he broke a tooth at one of my student's home. He was being held and heard the refrigerator door open so he jumped out of the little boy's arms and broke his tooth. Fortunately, his mom is a doctor and she took care of the situation.

Sammy has been all over town and even went to Atlanta for a birthday party. I miss you Sammy. You were a charmer. We gave you baths and you loved it.We took your heart beat during the Human Body Lab and you allowed it.You put up with the hedgehogs and ate the wheat grass we grew.You tollerated the new Bunny that was donated to the lab.All the students in our school loved you.
This child has three guinea pigs now because of you. I miss you my sweet little pig.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww RIP Sammy!