Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Not the Only Crazy One!

(There are many more crazy people out there who are fiber addicts. I'm not alone!)
This past weekend we went to the SAFF (Southeast Animal Fiber Fair) in Fletcher NC. I took four classes and loved all of them. This is Esther. She taught the drum carding class. I am saving my pennies (many, many, pennies) to purchase a drum carder so I can process our alpaca fiber myself.
From Melissa Gray we learned how to take sheep's wool and create amazing designs using the needle felt technique.
Before After
(The person taking this picture had too much coffee...)
Julie Wilson taught the spinning class. A Lendrum spinning wheel is the next purchase on the horizon... (more pennies)

Geri Forkner taught the Nuno Felting class. I now have a beautiful felted scarf and hope to make many more.
This is an angora bunny getting a hair cut. Oh the self control that was needed to help me not come home with that animal!! My Christmas wish list this year is getting bigger and bigger. :)

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