Friday, August 5, 2016

BSF to the Rescue

There are a lot of mouths to feed over here  and any time I can get some free food I'm all for it.  So last year I went to a harvest festival and took a class on flies.  Yes you heard it flies!  Black Soldier FliesHermetia illucens,  to be more specific.

Black Soldier Flies are different than house flies.  In fact, I never saw one until I started my harvesting system.   They look more like mud dauber wasps but they don't sting or bite.  In fact, they don't have the spongy mouth parts like house flies.  They actually cut down on the house fly population because they eat the larvae and eggs of regular house flies.

My chameleon has gained an appetite for the adult form of the insect.  It took about two weeks before he was brave enough to eat one but once he got a taste of the flavor he was hooked.  Now I don't need to breed or buy so many crickets.

I'm trying to get my leatherback bearded dragon to fall in love with the delicious flavor of a BSF larvae between his teeth.  Never give up!  He will fall for the aroma and deliciousness of these plump tasty little grubs and I will save money on crickets after all!!


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