Monday, June 27, 2016

They're Not Making Money Either

Last weekend a group of us went on the Upstate Farm Tour.
When it was all over I asked my husband what was the most significant thing he learned from visiting the farms.  He paused for a moment and then said something profound and very depressing... He said, "I learned that they work just as hard as we do and they're not making any money either.

                                Just like our goats, I ruminated on this all day.

The more I thought about it the more depressed I became.  Because its true.  We work very hard. Caring for 9 dairy goats, three dogs, a cat, three ducks, who knows how many chickens, not to mention the chameleon, turtles, rabbits, a pony, and guinea pigs, well its just a lot of work!  And so I ruminated and wondered now why are we doing this??

And then I thought about how
fun it is to milk the goats on the front porch.
Goat on Porch from Ellen Kahue on Vimeo.

We make cheese, soap, lotion, and kefir from our goat milk.  You can't do that if you live in a subdivision.

And farmers get to eat what they grow.  There is no price tag you can put on this type of satisfaction. 

We can watch our bunnies hop in the yard.
Untitled from Ellen Kahue on Vimeo.
And we can sit on our porch at night and watch the fireflies.  Now that's living.                                        

Its true, there are only a few rich farmers.  But then there are rewards that are beyond the monetary and that is what we love.

Farmers make all kinds of things and let their imaginations go wild!

I ran into this homeschool mom of four who were former students of mine. 

Her husband was able to quit his job and they both work together with their children on the farm.

So if you have a chance to buy from your local farmer, please give them your support.


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