Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mom I'm Bored...

My heart goes out to kids these days.  When I was one, 
(just a couple of weeks ago) I had lots of time to roam 
and run free.  My friends and I would make rafts and float 
on the pond behind our house.  We collected clams and 
made clam beds.  We created forts in the woods and rode 
our bikes for hours.  

So why does my heart go out to kids?  Because "the boogie man" 
has stolen their freedom to explore and to create.  This has 
been a heartache of mine for a long time.  You can read about it here.

My dear husband 
rolled up his sleeves and decided to help me put my dream together 
by creating a small area where kids can be kids and get down and dirty 
with their four and two footed friends. 
Do you see the black rabbit running in the background?  That's Ruby and she got out.  
Not to worry I have a plan and will get her back soon.  Believe me, I am an expert now 
at catching escaped rabbits...

Meet Maxine.  
She's the pretty girl in this place.

Here is Ruth, aka escape artist.  
If anybody is going to dig their way out, it's Ruth.  She is very tame.  
A dear friend of mine named Ruth used to hold her in her arms for hours
every time we met at our house for a gathering.  Ruth is so gentle and sweet, 
(both of them). 

is my oldest rabbit.  She birthed Ruth and several others who I sold.  
My grandson Gabe, has one of her offspring, named Josephine, 
formerly Jo until we discovered he was a she.  

Oh My...

Antonio Valentino the only male. 
He was born on Valentine's Day thus the name...  And true to his name 
he got out of his pen and now all the girls are expecting.  They are all 
getting quite hefty and digging holes in preparation for the new brood.  
I am about to be overrun with rabbits! Image result for overrun with rabbits 

Register for a lab and see for yourself!!