Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Fabulous Frogs

We have a water tank in our back pasture and the frogs that live in the woods have found it to be a great place to lay their eggs.   
You wouldn't know it but this water tank is full of frog eggs.  
Creatures from all over have decided to live here with us.  Here is one of our five male bunnies who lives wild and free in the pasture with the goats, chickens, pig, and wild turkeys.  The bunnies like to hang out under the IBC water tote.  The Great Pyrenees dogs protect them so they don't run away even though they could.  

OK back to the frogs...  So, I put a solar powered fountain
in all the water tanks to keep the algae and bacteria from taking over.  The frogs are so helpful.  They are giving me all the gray and green tree frogs a person could ask for.  What a gift they are giving us for the Amphibian labs in March!  

Here are some frogs who have already gone from egg to tadpole to frog.
Keeping these babies fed has been quite a challenge.  They are too small to eat baby crickets from the pet store so I've resorted to catching ants with sugar and luring fruit flies into the aquarium with rotten figs.  It works great!  
And if your child dares to say they are bored at any time between now and March, have them memorize these frog and toad sounds before they come to the lab.  They will be quizzed.  

Never a dull moment here on the farm or in the science lab.

I wouldn't want it any other way!

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