Friday, December 27, 2019

Part #1 I'm Never Gonna Die (because my bucket list keeps getting longer)

Recently, I decided to write a blog post entitled, "I'm Never Gonna Die" (because my bucket list just keeps getting longer)" Image result for bucket list

While preparing for the Fossil Lab, I stumbled upon some information about fossil collecting on the Peace River in Florida. Here is a sneak peak of one of the first of 17 items on my list with more on the way.

I've been to Florida many times but never knew about the Peace River. Even though Florida has many rivers, the Peace River in the southwestern part of the state has gained extra popularity with fossil hunters due to the abundance of quality specimens that can be recovered. This river has fine species of camel, mastodon, shark teeth, mouth plates and plenty more. Many fossil hunters use kayaks and canoes while others simply wade in the water, use a shovel or a trowel.

For one to hunt fossils in Florida, it is mandatory to have a fossil hunting permit and recognize the legal guidelines before you begin your hunt. Springtime is normally the best time to hunt fossils. March, April, and May are the low water level times of the year. For the best fossil hunting, water levels should be at least a little bit below normal levels. During sunny days, you may effortlessly see the bottom better; however this may not be suitable all times. At certain times when the water is clear and the days are sunny, you can use a snorkel and recover some good finds.

We go on a family reunion trip once every year thanks to science lab earnings. We pack up our five children and six grandchildren to just hang out and be together. Last July we headed to Gatlinburg and rented a beautiful VRBO cabin in the mountains. Look who decided to join us at our cabin!

Exploring the Peace River in Florida might just be a good one for our next family adventure!

I just hope the alligators don't decide to join us...Image result for alligators

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