Friday, September 18, 2020

South Carolina Reptiles October 19- 26, 2020

Have you ever wondered what kind of amazing snakes,

turtles, and lizards wander through our state? 

Students will be amazed at the bizarre array of reptiles

that live right here among us!  

Non Co-Op Students Register Here

Co-Op Students Register Here

Mandatory Covid-19 Registration Form

I will add your child to the schedule when payment is

made and registration is complete. Co-op students please

pay your co-op representative with the preferred rate. 

All other students one child same family $25 Two children

same family $45 Three or more children same family $65   

Online labs $22.50.  The online class website link will be

sent to you as soon as the lab is uploaded. 

*Paypal or Venmo Petronella Kahue

Please indicate who this is from and what for.

*48 hour full  refund for all cancellations.   Full refund for

inclement weather or Covid related issues.

Labs are held in Greer SC.  Email me for directions.

Once the 

  1. payment has been received

  2. registration document completed

  3. Covid 19 Form completed

I will enroll your child in the class. 

Click Here to see the schedule.

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