Wednesday, November 11, 2020


This year we will focus on the rocks in our state of South Carolina and where you can find them.  A little bit of geography will be covered and a new awareness of where these gems can be found will entice your students to go out to look for them.   Groups of students will test these rocks according to the Mohs hardness scale.  They will also learn to identify state rocks according to metamorphic, igneous, sedimentary rocks or minerals. We will find out what these rocks are used for in industry and how they are used in everyday life. All students will have an opportunity to get a rock from my private collection of unusual and beautiful rocks and fossils. 

In addition to the lab a SC Rock Box with Guidebook $30 is available for those who request one.  The South Carolina Geological Survey developed this Earth Science Education Series that meets South Carolina Science Academic Standards set forth by the Department of Education. The Earth Science study kit contains 24 South Carolina minerals and rocks with a 22-page booklet on where to find them and how to identify these rocks. Message me by November 20th to place your order. 

And finally, on Wednesday December 16th I am going to be at Diamond Hill Mine in Aiken SC!!  I would love to see you there!  Children six and under are free, over six $5 and adults $15. Bring a screwdriver or forked weeder to dig for rocks.  This place has produced some of the finest amethyst in our state.   You do not need to register to meet me at the mine, just show up. 

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