Saturday, January 2, 2021

Fungi Lab

 Fungi Lab: January 29-31

Join us as we discover fungi!  Students will learn about these amazing organisms and start their own mushroom oyster mushroom farm to take home and grow.    Students will learn which mushrooms are poisonous, what they look like, and when they can be found in our area.  They will also be able to identify various mushrooms that grow here in South Carolina as well as the anatomy of a mushroom, how to make spore prints, and fungi life cycle, and conduct a yeast experiment.  For those who dare we will taste test various types of mushrooms as well as sample a bit of mushroom soup and tea.  Enjoy months of indoor growing, any time of the year! Zoom Class Thursday January 28 10am.

Want to see all the magical things that mushrooms can do? Mushroom Mountain offers tours for anyone that is interested in mushrooms, whether it be wild mushroom foraging, cooking, cultivating, or is just curious about the whole mushroom world. Starting with the life cycles and ecology of fungi, the tour winds through the laboratory and fruiting room spaces of the farm, where visitors will be able to see and hear about the entire process of spawn production and mushroom cultivation. Price per person is $15.00. Those who register for the lab will be eligible to attend with me as group for a visit to Mushroom Mountain for $5 Date TBA

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Mandatory Covid-19 Registration Form

I will add your child to the schedule when payment is made and registration is complete. Co-op students please pay your co-op representative with the preferred rate.  All other students one child same family $25 Two children same family $45 Three or more children same family $65   

Online labs $15 The Zoom class website link and supply list will be sent to you. 

*Paypal or Venmo Petronella Kahue  Please indicate who this is from and what for when you pay. 

*48 hour full  refund for all cancellations.   Full refund for inclement weather or Covid related issues.

Labs are held in Greer SC.  Email me for directions.

Once the 

  1. payment has been received

  2. registration document completed

  3. Covid 19 Form completed

I will enroll your child in the class. 

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