Saturday, January 2, 2021

The Brain Lab

 Human Body Labs (The Brain) February 8-12. 

Students will get an overview of the many systems that help regulate the body.  This year we will focus on the brain and the nervous system. Students will watch as I dissect a sheep brain to learn about the various parts and how they function.  We will play a few brain games as we find out how our amazing brains work. One student in each class will win a raffle for a brain jello.   An additional charge of $6 will be charged for those children who want a blood type kit for home use. 

Register Here

Mandatory Covid-19 Registration Form

I will add your child to the schedule when payment is made and registration is complete. Co-op students please pay your co-op representative with the preferred rate.  All other students one child same family $25 Two children same family $45 Three or more children same family $65   

Online labs $15 The Zoom class website link and supply list will be sent to you. 

*Paypal or Venmo Petronella Kahue  Please indicate who this is from and what for when you pay. 

*48 hour full  refund for all cancellations.   Full refund for inclement weather or Covid related issues.

Labs are held in Greer SC.  Email me for directions.

Once the 

  1. payment has been received

  2. registration document completed

  3. Covid 19 Form completed

I will enroll your child in the class. 

(view web version from your phone to see the Paypal Link)

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