Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Very Bad Day

Friday was very bad day. I won't tell you why :) Anyway, here is something really good that happened.

I had a Plant Science Lab and we went outside to pick flowers from the Butterfly Garden. Students chose a flower from the garden to identify the pistil and the stamens and we used microscopes to look closely at the flower parts. Along with the pistils and the stamens we found some other insects inside them as well. The world is a different place under the lens of a microscope...

Click here to read more about hummingbird moths

While we were outside, we noticed a very unusual insect getting nectar from the butterfly bushes. At first, I thought it was a very large bee. There were a lot of bees out there but this creature had two long antennae that were feathered like moth antennae. I was totally in the dark on this one because I had never seen anything like it. One of my students called out, "It's a hummingbird moth"!! Sure enough he was right. I thought moths come out at night but this moth was out in full sun at around 4PM.

Fortunately for me, this beautiful creature took me out of the "vortex of disaster" I was in and reminded me what's truly important... All I need to do is look outside and see the amazing beauty of creation to chase away the bad days.


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