Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun Things To Do in the Snow

Today we had the biggest snowstorm that South Carolina has had in the past ten years! GSP airport was closed. Schools are closed (yeah!). Stores are closed. But my alpaca farm is NOT closed.Alpacas, chickens and dogs still need to eat so we trudged out to the barn and gave everybody food and water.
If your kids need something meaningful to do at home and need to get warm inside for a while here are some things you can do.

Take pictures of snowflakes. Click here to find out how.

Make snow ice-cream! Click here for a yummy recipe.

Perform some interesting snow experiments. Click here

Have fun taking pictures, eating ice-cream, and blowing up your house with these exciting experiments! (just kidding)
And don't forget to feed the birds.


Anonymous said...

Wow Mom you got more snow than we did! The Alpacas look comfy tho :)

Anonymous said...

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