Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Always Snowing Here

Recently, I found a website that actually lets you make snowflakes. You can show them off to your friends or even the whole world!

It's at:

The fun starts when the website folds a piece of paper and asks you to cut it with the mouse of your computer. Any design you choose is fine.
My students had a grand time with this using our Promethean Board. I have a wand tool that lets them really go at it with their designs. I could hardly pry them off the board. The website asks you for your name and email if you wish to publish your snowflake. You can see all the others that have been done previously as they fall from the "sky".

Very interesting

I used this snowflake making website as an introduction to the snow portion of our Weather Lab. The problem was that the little learners were so intrigued, I had trouble getting them to get back to the lesson!So check it out.

It's always snowing here.

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