Thursday, March 28, 2013

Miss Jenny Likes Mud Between Her Toes

This is Jenny from Miss Jenny's Soaps.  Jenny and I recently became fast friends in the muck and the mire of an amazing little pond in Georgia. 
Jenny and I are kindred spirits.  We both donned shoes and socks and waded into the lake to catch tadpoles for my upcoming Amphibian Lab.  She found them and helped me catch a bunch of Bull Frog tadpoles. 

What a surprise.  We also found crane-flies, salamanders, newts, cadisflies, dragonflies,
stone flies, may flies,
damsel flies , and snails.
This pond was a virtual gold mine of what a healthy pond should be like.  What a gift!

Friday I was able to venture into the creek at Paris Mountain State Park with students from
Hollis Elementary School.
We found more interesting creatures. 

This pond is loaded with American Toad eggs and salamanders. 

Ranger Cathy showed us microscope pictures of the creatures we found in the creek.
                                                 I wouldn't want to be anywhere else...
except maybe wading in a mucky pond in Georgia with Miss Jenny!


Rachel said...

You are so awesome!

Joshua said...

That looks so fun!

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